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Veggies & Fruits > Sugars

Ugh I really wish the US would focus more an healthy foods than stupid unhealthy bad sugars.

Since farming sugars creates jobs, more politicians support subsidies and government programs that encourage sugar growing. All of this leads to sugar being cheaper than say broccoli, so more people want it, but I WANT TO CHANGE THAT.

I am not saying quit farming sugar, but advertise it less and more on the healthy side such as fruits and vegetables. I want to see everyone in the world become healthy, because the more healthy people are, the more happiness I see. There needs to be a way to portray this idea to America, because I hate being a part of this fat society.

I used to be a rat to America, but I grew out of it and I took my health upon me. After two years I have now sculpted my body by eating healthy and exercise daily. Now I am happier than ever and have so much confidence. I know one way in portraying this idea is show my transformation, but that won’t do it. 

There needs to be a way and I want need to find it.


why can life throw us on walls of bullets?

why can life extinguish the levels of our nature?

why can life tear our eyes of innocence?

why can life do this to those of such great gratitude?

we share our hearts to the glory of the greater happiness, yet life prevails.

one day, we’ll take the toll to where life is vanquished…

but why are we destined to such mundane ending.

why can life present the greater good, but leave us in disappoint.

is it the question of why? or is it the question of when?


it’s all we are ever left in.


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I’ve been having some trouble with my Assembly Language class and now we are moving onto C, which has been filling up some loop holes, however my classes aren’t doing much justice. The professor literally reads from a power point and never making any analogies, which would help GREATLY. I just…

"Keep separate components as independent as




"The system was never broken it was built this way"

Know history. No repeats.



"The system was never broken it was built this way"

Know history. No repeats.

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Do I go from here?..



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